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Separation no basis to dissolve marriage

A lot of couples opt for a separation than divorce. There are a lot of reasons for opting for separation rather than divorce. It is important to know that in all cases there is some type of emotional pain involved as well as physical pain. With a separation of the emotional pain is mostly caused by issues between the partners and this can also be caused by children. But for most people it is also about the loss of the relationship and with the child custody issues, the relationship that is shared between the partners is also shared in the child custody.

When a couple is divorcing, most of the time they will get involved in a lot of issues with family law attorneys. This is where both of them will need help and support from their family law attorneys. Family law attorneys are experts in these areas. So if the couples are planning to separate it would be best for them to consult their family law attorneys for help and advice. If both of them are on the same page with regards to issues, the separation is more than likely to last longer.

For most couples who are in the process of getting divorced, the first step is to notify their spouse that they are getting a divorce. Usually this would happen in the middle of the week, so it would be best to let them know early so that they can either move out and get away from the situation or they can also try to work on their differences. The problem is when couples tend to ignore these notices and this makes the situation more difficult. So being aware of these events can help make the process easier and the division more amicable.

It is said that a divorce can be the best thing that ever happened to a couple if they are not on the verge of divorcing. This can be a happy and peaceful conclusion to a marriage, a matter of fact for a divorce would mean a marriage over. If the wife is hurt and then the husband has tried to end the marriage he might have become depressed or it could be the case that he does not have anything to lose and the wife’s claims are right. It is the time for a separation to help both the parties to deal with the issue.

This in the beginning stages of the marriage cannot be described as difficult. The problem arises when a man will try to cover up the issue. His reasons are many but they are all wrong and could lead to disastrous consequences. This situation can be rectified and so can the divorce. It is good to be able to remain together and it is always better if the both parties share equally in the responsibility of caring for the children.

A marriage can be maintained even if a person wants to go through a divorce. This is because they can make up and find the good points in the relationship in order to come back. The feeling that you are losing the love of your life and that there is a possibility of divorce is something that can have a negative impact on a marriage. When these feelings start to take control, it is no wonder that a couple would feel this way.

One of the reasons for separation is because of marital problems. It is a very painful situation for both the partners and while they are trying to work through the issues of the relationship, the other partners feelings could be hurt. Separation from the partner who you married is a kind of silent divorce. You can get court orders but you will not be able to change the other partner’s views and they could even be offended by this.

To help keep the marriage going the separation process is necessary. People who want to be out of the marriage should learn how to communicate their feelings without being harsh and angry. It is not easy to build a new relationship when you feel trapped and threatened by your ex. These relationships can go away after a while but it takes a lot of effort and understanding on both sides.

It is important that both parties try to remain calm during the separation process. A divorce is never a good idea for any couple and so keeping your marriage together is a lot better than breaking up.

Remortgage – rescue and savings

The concept of debt restructuring is wrongly biased. That’s because it contains the word “guilt”. Debt is also a negative thing. However, a good distinction should be made between debt and liabilities.

Re-debts of liabilities

It is a common practice that the consumer replaces expensive loans for cheap ones. This means that he gets a low-interest loan from a lender and with the money paid off the older and more expensive credit early repay. For example, in the repayment phase of a real estate financing is rescheduled several times. Parallel to the normal installment, money is saved in a home savings or similar model. After a certain period of time, a very favorable home savings loan can be granted to replace or reduce the residual financing of the house. This usually saves many thousands of euros. According to the same principle, normal personal loans can also be triggered prematurely. However, debt restructuring can only be considered if a new loan is taken out for the replacement of one loan.

Debt repayment by debt rescheduling

Unfortunately, it often happens that the liabilities can no longer be serviced. In this case, liabilities become liabilities. Having debts is the worst nightmare that many people can experience. And unfortunately too often people are overindebted. Then threatened by legal dunning, bailiffs, foreclosures or even the bankruptcy.
To avert this inconvenience, a lender, whether private or bank, can provide a debt rescheduling loan. This allows very good negotiations with the creditors. The chances of an out-of-court settlement are rising very strongly. If one has then agreed with the creditors, the debt will be offset with the debt rescheduling and the consumer has again only liabilities. It is very important that no creditor is forgotten.
However, these debt rescheduling loans also carry a high level of risk. Since there is an increased likelihood of default, lenders can afford to pay this risk dearly. Interest near 10 percent or even above is not uncommon. Nevertheless, you only have to deal with a business partner and save yourself very high enforcement costs.

The debt restructuring is thus often an effective way to get the one hand, money, and secondly to avoid trouble with creditors. In both cases, a very intensive cost-benefit calculation is absolutely necessary.

Occupational safety in the construction industry

Safety at work is prescribed by law. Every company has to make sure that the employees are safe in their field of activity. This is particularly important in the operation and use of machinery, but also the office life can accommodate many traps: The wedging or blocking of escape routes, disorder or fires can be dangerous here. There is therefore a safety officer in each company who is responsible for safety at the workplace. When operating machinery or driving motor vehicles, it has to verify on behalf of the company whether the statutory safety precautions such as operator training or driving licenses have been carried out or refreshed by the employee. This is especially important in the construction industry.

Many workers find this control disturbing, but it is for their own safety. At the airport, for example, every employee has to carry out occupational safety training once a year. This can be carried out electronically as part of a web-based training and is done relatively quickly. On the construction this looks a bit different, because here is with cranes, excavators and work platformsworked, which are not to be used without a detailed training. Before these are used for the first time by the employee, this must pass a safety instruction with theory and practice test. He receives security documents and a proof book in which he has to have the mostly annual refresher courses stamped. Only a complete documentation can ensure that the operation of the machines is carried out at the level of legal occupational safety.

With the help of the training, the danger to the employees is minimized, the company as well as the employee are legally protected and a time saving at device handover and instruction is achieved. Even internationally, the training courses should be accredited according to certain ISO regulations, so that possible assignments abroad are equally smooth and competent. Employers and employees alike should always protect themselves by law and ensure that the insurance benefit exists and that their health is financially secure. After all, health is the greatest asset of every human being.

What legal obligations do children and young people have?

The law determines the actions of the people here in Germany. There are rights and obligations for all areas. If you do not stick to it, you have to justify yourself in court and you will be sanctioned if necessary. Fully punishable here in Germany at the age of 16 years. Before that parents are liable for what their children do. But that does not necessarily mean that you have no obligations as a child or adolescent.

Children have to develop a sense of wrong

Children enjoy a special position because they do not yet understand the wrong things. You have to develop that only over the years. This is how small children sometimes chop, although this is not socially desirable. You do not hurt anyone physically. As a parent you have to teach the child very often, until it understands and above all can implement what is meant. The right and wrong consciousness may develop in the child’s free spaces. Parents should not lose patience and point out the same circumstance to the child again and again. Only then can it develop into a responsible person who knows his rights and responsibilities.

Teenagers test their limits

At the age of teenagers is tested and limits are tested. Later, as adults, they are not always supposed to accept everything the way they feel about it. The critical attitude to things is important in order to make a responsible decision. Although the young people are not yet fully punishable, it always comes back to rule and law breaks. That’s what the parents have to pay for. The young people have the right to position themselves in life. If it goes wrong and you have crossed a border, so you can master together as a parent and learn from the mistakes. If you can not do that, you can get educational support, for example from a psychologist. An address is torsten wulff quickborn, Children and adolescents have more freedom than adults.

Occupational freedom – a right?

Everyone has the right to freely choose a profession, whether that of a teacher, solicitor, financial adviser or doctor. The only requirement is initially only the school. So you can study law, for example, only if you have the Abitur with the necessary NC in the bag. Once you have decided to become a doctor, graduate and pass the exam, as well as complete the Practical Year and the required internships, nothing stands in the way of practicing the profession. Unless the physician is deprived of the approbation, which is possible in the legal framework of the State Medical Association.

The license to practice is a prerequisite for free choice of occupation of the doctor

The word approbation is derived from Latin and means as much as approval, recognition. These can be obtained as a dentist, doctor, child and adolescent psychotherapist, pharmacist and psychological psychotherapist. also as a veterinarian you need a license. The approval is state recognized. Thus, the physician can work independently and independently. There is the licensing regulations, which regulates the law around the issues around the approbation. From this there are certain circumstances that can deprive a physician of the license to practice medicine. In such a case, occupational freedom is no longer a right as regulations have been violated. The exact facts can be clarified by medical lawyers, such as Lyck & Pätzold ( ).

When the approbation is withdrawn

But what has to happen to deprive a doctor of his license to practice? The doctor has to prove unworthy. This means that he has committed a crime in the medical field. The doctor usually suffers from these crimes already a loss of confidence in his patients and also in the population. Another reason why a doctor may be deprived of authorization is that he is ill-suited to practice the profession, for example, when there is an addiction or mental weakness that makes it impossible for him to take responsibility , If the owner refuses to take part in a medical and medical examination. Even if the doctor is not proficient in the German language, he will not be granted the license to practice medicine.

Laws of Advertising

Today the word marketing is on everyone’s lips. Advertising plays an important role for companies, because you have to prevail against the strong competition. There are many strategies you can use to advertise. It’s a complex topic that you have to take seriously. Quickly another company is about to make the customer off. There are therefore own marketing departments in the companies. They have to know the laws of advertising.

In the net you have to be in the lead today

It does not necessarily apply to the industry when it comes to marketing. The competition lurks everywhere and wants to be more successful. That is why it is important to observe the market situation. Here questions are asked, such as which advertising paths the others go, where they are listed on Google or even as the press reports about them. If one then has the overview of the situation on the market, one can act purposefully. Such as with a search engine optimization. If your competitors are in first place on Google, then you can hire a company that brings the appropriate measures your own company or your own practice or clinic to the top places in the Google search.

Recognition brings success through advertising

Appearance should also withstand the competition. For the customer always the appearance and the presence counts. It is important here that you can easily memorize a logo, for example. The recognition value is an important law in advertising. The corresponding logo is designed for example by White Vision ( ). Another law of advertising is that references weigh a lot. And bad comments are taken seriously. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes and ears open, so that in all media no bad statements about your own company are made.

Rights of an heir

Anyone who inherits a house, or a company, or even a savings account, does not only get rights. There are also obligations associated with it. For example, if a debt is connected with the house of the grandmother, the son or daughter inherits this debt even with the death of the testator. If you inherit a company, you do not have to take the customers with you. If one remains first at the death of the testator, then the bereaved must pay the funeral. The obligatory parts must pay out the main inheritance to the other survivors, close relatives. Of course, one must not forget the inheritance tax, which calls the state. But heirs also have rights, of course.

Will or law decide t

There are two ways in which a survivor can benefit. If the deceased has created a will, this names the heir or heirs. Wills of this kind are created by notaries, such as the notary Neie ( If there is no written will of the testator, it is decided by law which close relatives should inherit the property. There are, on the one hand, tangible assets and, on the other hand, monetary assets. If there is a personally determined heir, then the other survivors inherit their so-called compulsory portion. If it is tied up in tangible assets, such as in a property, the main estate may be forced to sell the house to pay off the other heir (s). But you can also agree on installment payments to keep the house from the family property.

The rights of the heir in detail

In particular, the heir has the following rights: the property rights, the ownership rights, the
continuation of the tenancy after the death of the tenant and the rights of the heirs. How exactly these rights are defined is a bit complicated. It is possible to get advice from a notary in the individual situation in order to obtain the corresponding rights and, of course, the duties connected with the process of inheritance.

Legal action against bad press

Everyone has the right to a good reputation. Alone, if you have nothing to reproach yourself with negative, but also if you have cleared unpleasant incidents or misunderstandings especially in the business area. That says so easy and is indeed implement. But the internet does not forget anything. Unattractive things that may have happened years ago or even unfair comments from the competition are on the Internet and can not be easily deleted there. In the long term, such actually stale negative comments can actually be detrimental to your business. The call for action against the bad press is loud.

One can come to his right

Because you are on the internet, you also have to react there. Certainly one can call in an unjust, drastic reputation damage a lawyer and gets right and maybe a compensation. But what about the typed lines in the network? And what does the future look like? What can be done to prevent unjustified negative comments from turning potential customers or patients away? If you see the name of your company, practice or even your own googlet name and negative comments, then you can get immediate advice from appropriately experienced companies, such as Online Marketing Managers: -Deleting-immediate advice, Here, the current situation is analyzed and informed about an appropriate, concrete approach.

How can you get right in the future?

Through the appropriate measures, online reputation management can remove the negative entries from the first pages of the important search engine Google. Through a permanent monitoring, the situation can then be maintained. So you have the situation right, which is rightful, without false accusations or stale negative comments. And in this way just the bad press is professionally outsmarted and the good reputation restored, in addition to the legal process.

Everyone has the right to privacy

No matter if you are an employee or an entrepreneur, no one can ignore the issue of data protection and the resulting legal obligations. The technical possibilities today have many advantages, such as fast transmission and management of information. The night part also comes out of it, namely that many data and information can be stored easily and it is increasingly difficult to keep track of who is allowed to know what and where the limits. Just because an act is practically possible is not automatically legal and legitimate. In real life, it goes without saying that we respect and do not take advantage of our counterparts. Data on the other hand, as a gray mass, hardly anyone sees with these eyes.

A lawyer for privacy

In order for a neutral entity to keep track of access to data, businesses are now required to appoint a data protection officer. It often happens that simply a colleague from the IT department takes over the position. This quickly becomes a mistake, as conflicts of interest can arise in the case due to the different requirements. For the company, such a wrong decision affects not only the reputation, fines can be imposed.

So, if there is no one internally who can easily serve as a data protection officer, companies are better advised to get someone from outside. For example, lawyers offer this. Larger law firms such as Steinbock & Partner ( ) have suitable staff and can also provide information about legal issues relating to data protection.

Privacy is a must

Although the storage and processing of personal data is not fundamentally illegal even for larger quantities, care must nevertheless be taken to ensure that the right to informational self-determination of citizens is maintained. Every company has data on the individual employees, often also on customers and business partners. Therefore, it is in their own interest and in consideration of the employees necessary to deal with privacy.

Presentation of the notary profession

For the effectiveness of various legal transactions, the authentication or certification by a notary is required by law. As an independent holder of a public office, the notary is obliged to be impartial and differs in this respect from the lawyer who is responsible for the interests of his clients. Notaries are active in the area of ​​so-called “precautionary justice”. This includes legal transactions in the field of marriage and family law, corporate law and real estate law, as well as personal provision matters. Even in legal transactions that do not require notarization, the notary can act on your request.

All notaries active in both main and secondary occupations in Germany are registered in the register of the Federal Chamber of Notaries. According to statistics from the Bundesnotariatskammer in Germany in 2013 there were 1524 full-time notaries and 6036 lawyer notaries.

The full-time notary and the lawyer notary
The profession of notary distinguishes between the full-time “Nur-Notar” and the lawyer’s notary. The lawyer is also a licensed attorney and can also work as an auditor or tax auditor. “Notaries-only” may carry out an additional paid activity only with the approval of the competent authority. In contrast to the profession of lawyer, the access to the notary is not free: the appointment to the notary can only be made if there is a corresponding need. To become a full-time notary, you must be trained by a notary for three years after completing your law degree. During this time as a notary assessor, you also take over the representation of notary notaries present. As a “lawyer notary” you may call yourself if you were able to gain at least five years of professional experience after completing law school. In addition, you must have worked as a full-time lawyer for three years and have successfully passed another additional notarial exam.

The Notary
For example, the notaries of in Frankfurt am Main offer certifications and certifications of a private and business nature. These are mainly notary services in the areas of company law (eg in the founding of corporations, in articles of association, changes to the articles of association, in M ​​& A transactions and private equity companies), real estate law (the recording of land register entries, purchase contracts, Liens, contracts with developers), family and inheritance law (the recording of divorce contracts, marriage contracts) and other notarial services such. For example, the notarization of Supervisory Board meetings and shareholders’ meetings.

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